Your data is worth money

Participate in the EasyPims beta tester programme and you can win a prize every week.
We sweepstake a €200 Gift Card every week, an iPhone 13 every month and one €2.500 Gift Card.

Objetive achieved !!

The platform will close on March 31, 2023.

If you want, you can download the all the data you have provided from the “Settings”( by clicking on the Download data button) on your private Users area. 

All personal data will be deleted and destroyed after March 31.

The experimental phase with more than 3500 real users ended 31th August 2022 and is completed with the grand final sweepstake, on September 15, with a 2500 euro gift card special prize among all betatesters who have scored 2000 or more points during this experimental phase.

Tanks to all of you who have helped us test and evaluate the tools developed in the project.

How to participate?

To participate you just need to register on the platform and complete some simple tasks.

Once register, inside your personal area, you will see a list of tasks (download plugin, complete personal data, broswse…), completing these tasks you will accumulate points to be able to participate in the sweepstakes weekly, monthly and in the final sweepstake.


Register free in easyPIMS


Add the plugin to your browser


Browse on Internet as you usually do it


Import data from other platforms and apps


Your opinion is very important and relevant 


Win great prizes through weekly sweepstakes


13 Weekly Sweepstake

200€ Gift Card

3 Monthly Sweepstake

Iphone 13

1 Final Sweepstake

2.500€ Gift Card

PIMCity Project

EasyPims is part of the European PIMCity Project, which aims to achieve a fair and transparent data economy, giving users back control over their online data. To do this, it has developed a series of tools, EasyPIMS, which allow users to decide what data they share and with whom.

To prove that this model can work, the Internet Users Association, a member of the PIMCity Project, is looking for users to participate in the Beta Testers Programme, in return for the chance to win great prizes through weekly prize draws.