EasyPIMS is an experimental platform that allows any citizen using the Internet to obtain benefits (prizes, sweepstakes) by sharing their personal data in a transparent and privacy-friendly way. EasyPIMS connects companies and organizations that need data with people who want to give their data in exchange for prizes.

EasyPIMS is part of the project www.PIMCity.eu which is funded by the EU within the H2020 program whose objective is the development of tools that allow the implementation of business models based on personal data PIMs and is therefore an experimental platform of the developments made in this European project.

The main benefit is economic, with prizes that are distributed among the participants, but there is also another benefit that cannot be monetized and that is to have contributed to demonstrate that we can make that intangible that is our data can generate tangible value for citizens.

To participate you only have to register on the platform, decide what personal data you want to share and complete some of the tasks that we propose to generate more information about your profile through small actions that will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Each task you complete will generate points and these points allow you to participate in different sweepstakes that are held every week and every month and others allow you to get benefits by completing them. By logging into the platform you will always have updated information about the points you have accumulated and the prizes associated with each one of them.

Sweepstakes and Prizes

The prizes you can win in the experimental phase (June, July, August 2022) are as follows:
– In the first 13 weeks. Every week a 200€ amazon gift card will be raffled among all easyPIMS users who have accumulated a minimum of 100 points during the week, 
– In the first 3 months. Every month (June, July and August 2022) an iPhone 13 phone will be raffled among all registered users who have accumulated a minimum of 900 points during the month (except for the first month when all users who have completed at least one task will participate)

– At the end of the experimental phase ( 15 September 2022) an amazon gift card of 2500€ will be drawn among all easyPIMS users who have achieved a minimum of 2000 points in total.

In the weekly sweepstakes all easyPIMS users who have accumulated 100 or more points that week.
In the monthly sweepstakesall easyPIMS users who have accumulated 900 or more points that month (Except for the first month when all users who have completed at least one task will participate in the sweepstakes).
In the final sweepstake all easyPIMS users who have accumulated 2000 or more points.

The winner of each sweepstakes is chosen transparently and in such a way that the organizers cannot manipulate or alter the prize allocation process. The following process is followed:
– The sweepstakes and their dates, the participants in each sweepstake and the winners of the draws are published on the esayPIMS.eu website and the winners are notified via the email address with which they have registered on the platform.
– The last digits of the winning number of the Thursday sweepstake of the Spanish National Lottery will be used as a reference for the winners, the result of which can be consulted at https://www.loteriasyapuestas.es/es/loteria-nacional
– At least two days before each draw, the list of participants in each sweepstake is made public. This list has a table and in each row there is a sequential order number, starting from zero, and the participant’s identifier (this is a unique ID that appears in the “Settings” page of each easypims user).
– The number of digits taken for the sweeptake will depend on the number of participants in each sweepstake: if there are less than 100, two digits are taken, if there are between 100 and 999, three digits are taken and if there are 1000 or more, 4 digits are taken.
– The winner of the sweepstake is the one from the list whose order number coincides with the numbers taken for the sweepstake and if this number is greater than the number of participants then the remainder of dividing that number among the participants is calculated and that remainder will give us the number of the winner of the list.

– The IDs of the winners in each sweeptake are published on the website the day after the Spanish National Lottery draw is held.

– One day later an email is sent to the email address with which the user has registered in easypims and a copy of an identity document is requested to check that the name and surname with which the user has registered in easyPIMS match those of this document.

– Once this verification has been carried out, the prize is delivered via Amazon for the weekly an final prizes sweeptakes and by registered mail post for the monthly prize sweeptakes (iPhone 13)

– The prize expires 30 days after the winner has been published on the project’s website https://www.easypims.com/sweepstakes/
– After this date the prize expires and can no longer be claimed
– Winning IDs who cannot prove that their name and surname is the same as the one registered on the platform will be declared void

Data Privacy 

Each user decides which data he/she wants to share and which not, the more data is shared the more points and therefore the more benefits can be obtained. The data can be of one of the following categories:
– Socio demographic: Date of birth, Country, City, Gender, Income level, People in the household, Employment and Income level.
– Browsing data: browsing history through a browser plugin.
– Preferences or interests elaborated based on the collected data.
– Mobility data: this data is extracted by importing data from other applications such as Google Maps.
– Contact data: Name, email and phone.
What is done with the data I share through easyPIMS?
All data provided by the user is stored securely and anonymized on the platform.
On the other hand, if an organization is interested in using user data, it contacts the platform, checks its transparency tags, indicates what data it requires and for what purpose, and is provided with the data of those users who have authorized the use of their data for that purpose.
The registered user can at any time export the data stored about him in easyPIMS, delete them and unsubscribe.

The registration data (Name and Surname, Email and Password) are not shared with third parties, they are only used by the platform itself to contact you in the case of having to deliver a prize, announce an incident or ask for your opinion on the operation and evaluation of the platform.